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Logistics contract has been an industry that has shown a steady growth over the few years. India is one of the countries that are recognized by many customers as a profitable trade lane. On the top of it India is an emerging new market across the globe. With over a decade of experience in transportation and forwarding, Radiant was introduced to seize the opportunity to set a goal within this emerging market.

“A strong contract logistics services” that is how our clients review us. Just an option of transport would not allow us to reach very far. Our customers expect more from us, they want services which can add more value to their business.

So it was important for our management team to improve our services offered so that our operations and process matches well with IT industry. We have built a controlling and strong position in India. We have capability to response swiftly. Our main focus is on excellence in our services. We are prepared to handle any task that comes in our way and we can solve it with utmost optimism.

Our employees recognize customers as their most important asset. Without our clients we would not be in business. Our clients expect high quality services and it’s our responsibility to deliver it. With a great team of professionals manages every forwarding work very well. Our chief value is to provide services of global standards to our clients. It’s our desire to meet our client’s expectations. We truly believe that deserve nothing less than best. On an individual note, we are proud of our work done and our history of innovative work. Together, we are an energetic team of dedicated people who love to work to satisfy our clients demand. The Radiant’s deep competency has remained and will remain for time to come, the development of projects nationally. Our commitments and efforts to invest in human resources concluded in dedicated, strong team of professional workers who are willing to face difficult challenges and fresh environments at given opportunity. We are constantly committed to provide safe, clean environments and working conditions for our work force and our clients. We particularly create strong awareness and concern in order to achieve a high quality standard. Our aim is to optimize available human resources and technology resources to provide a cost effective solution to each and every client. Now-a-day, all the major economies of the world are under pressure to arrange well in logistic industry. Only companies who have ability to adapt changing market demands can survive in future. We provide to constantly deliver innovative ideas in combination with cost effective solutions. Quality performance is and will be our main goal. We deliver joy and prosperity across the nation.

In conclusion, we would like to invite you to review our company’s financial statements and reports of our service offering. We assure you that this will help you to understand all the factors that have made us a national success story in logistic industry.

On behalf of everyone at Radiant, I would like to thank you for your appreciation.

- Prabhakar Pandey

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