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Management Team

Customer Service Team

They manage customer service constantly and cost effectively. They work to fulfill customer’s expectations and they help in development and implementation of services.

Transportation Team

Our transport team designs and develops methods to increase the effectiveness of logistic services. They try to maintain inventory level to ensure optimal functioning of the company. They instantly solve problems related to transport department in our company.

Distribution Team

Our distribution team provides leadership for staff development by motivation, training, individual or group performance. They ensure a high level of productivity. They are responsible for the distribution across the country.

Supply Chain Team

Our supply chain team directs the development of the sales forecast. They prepare inventory strategy for the company. They plan activities in such a way that it minimizes inventory while increasing services and production activities.

Accounts Team

Finance & administration team looks long-term budget planning and cost management according to Keller logistics strategic plan. They analyse all the accounts, ledgers and reporting systems. They ensure that accounts are prepared with appropriate GAAP standards. They opt to maintain internal control. His role is to safeguard receipt of revenue, cost and program budgets.

The accounting department handle for the integrity and reporting of the organisation’s statutory, regulatory, management and taxation obligations and for the administration and development of the finance one system to effectively meet the reporting obligations for coming in relation to the statutory, regulatory, management and taxation areas. The accounting department also supports the management and board by providing both financial and non-financial information to assist in decision making and strategic planning.

Sales & Marketing Team

Our sales and marketing team manage the day to day operation of an internal sales office, to include motivating a sales team also implementing a sales strategy, achieving targets and developing new business. Participating in marketing events and attending sales meeting and managing the customer relationship management database of to ensure accurate and up-to-date.

Operation Team

Our operation team serve various roles in our organization. Their job is to get tasks done by using all of the resources available to them, including other employees of their team they communicate clear instructions to team members and listen to team members' feedback also monitor team members' participation to ensure the training and also to see if any additional training is needed manage the flow of day today operations. They create reports to update the company on the teams progress.

Delivery Team

Our delivery team is to establish or refine service delivery processes. Team will get a follow-up call from the company to ensure customer satisfaction and see if they want to continue or expand their services. The goal of establishing uniform processes and procedures is to ensure that each customer gets the same experience from the onset of contact.  Our team has general oversight over employees involved in the delivery process, even though he may not be their direct manager. Managers who receive complaints or feedback on a particular work team or employee will share those comments with managers and staff involved. Ultimately, the service delivery manager holds all service departments and employees accountable for carrying out the required processes and tasks.

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